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Exciting rally through the city center of Berlin along the Brandenburg Gate and the German parliament.

Tour information

2 hours of information, discovery and fun! The perfect combination of an informative city tour and an entertaining and exciting city rally. This tour between Potsdamer Square, the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag building is like a short journey through Berlin's history: the Third Reich, the Berlin Wall and Berlin as the federal capital - all of these topics are covered on this tour. A guide leads along this route, on which all participants have to solve tasks independently in small teams. In the end, the best team will be crowned the winner!

Tour description

At the beginning of the tour, small teams are formed and the guide explains the course of the game. During the tour, the guide repeatedly sets exciting tasks for the teams to solve. The fastest team with the most correct answers gets the most points. The team with the most points at the end wins.

The tour is an excellent overview tour of authentic places in Berlin history. For example, to the remains of the Wall that still bear witness to the former division of the city or to places of the Nazi regime, such as the former location of Hitler's bunker where he committed suicide. But today's modern Berlin is not neglected either, with a visit to Potsdamer Square, which was rebuilt after the fall of the Wall, and a look into the parliament and government district.

On this tour we will show you, among other things:

Modern Berlin with the Sony Center and Daimler City at Potsdamer Square
The first electric traffic light in Germany
Course of the former Berlin Wall and remains of the Wall
Luxury hotels like the famous Hotel Adlon or the Ritz Carlton
The Holocaust Memorial - 2710 concrete steles and an underground documentation center
Numerous embassies, including the USA and France
The Brandenburg Gate - landmark of Berlin
The Reichstag building – seat of the German parliament

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