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Firmenevents in Berlin

Guided tours in Berlin

Corporate events Berlin

Make your event a real Berlin experience with a rally, guided bus tour, walking tour, a tour by bike or a river cruise

Planning company events in Berlin
Organization of company events in Berlin

   This is what we offer:

  • All kind of sightseeing tours in Berlin: rallies, walking tours,city tours by bus, river cruises on the Spree river, and bike tours.

  • In addition, we organize the necessary bus transfers, restaurant reservations, tickets for interior tours and much more.

  • Tell us your ideas and key data, such as date, group size, estimated duration, etc. - and we will provide you with concrete ideas for your event.

  • The organization, especially with very large groups, requires experience with regard to temporal and organizational processes. We implement this successfully.

Guides tours for company events in Berlin
Company events - guided tours in Berlin

   Examples of events carried out:

  • What was wanted was a rally, a snack at lunchtime and then an inside tour for 450 employees of a Berlin company. At the same time, we held rallies in different districts, organized snacks at currywurst stands, and tours of interesting Berlin places, such as former bunkers. In the evening everyone met for an event organized by the customer, for which we organized the bus transfers.

  • Bus transfers from several hotels for 800 employees and customers to a factory tour in Berlin - staggered accordingly. Afterwards a guided bus tour, ending at a venue with the evening program organized by the customer. Also, we organized a bus shuttle back to the hotels.

We would be happy to advise you by phone or email and to send you a non-binding offer with a price and tour suggestion.

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