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Walking tour through the government district in Berlin with a visit to the Käfer roof garden restaurant and a visit to the Reichstag dome.

Tour information

Discover the government district in Berlin – the capital of Germany. On this tour we will show you all the highlights of the government district from the Federal Chancellery to the office buildings for the members of the parliament. Afterwards, you have exclusive access to the roof garden restaurant on top of the Reichstag building where coffee and cake will be served. After this break you can visit the glass dome of the building to enjoy a magnificent view over Berlin.

Tour description

Every Berlin visitor must have seen these two sights: the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag building – today the seat of the German parliament. And that is exactly where our tour leads along. We will show you interesting insights into the government district and give you a lot of interesting background information of the German political system. Afterwards you can relax in the restaurant on the roof of the German parliament – if there is good weather, maybe even on the terrace overlooking the historic city center of Berlin. And finally you can go up the glass dome from where you can enjoy a panoramic view over Berlin.

On this tour you will see, among other things:

the Brandenburg Gate
the French, British and American Embassy
the Lüders House, with the parliamentary library
the Kaiser House, with the offices for the members of the parliament
the Chancellery
the Kindergarten of the parliament
and of course the Reichstag building with the glass dome

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