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Tour information

On this bike tour you will see monumental buildings from the Nazi era, such as the former Ministry of Aviation, relics of the "Third Reich" and its megalomaniac ideology of making Berlin the world capital "Germania", but also places of remembrance, such as the Holocaust Memorial. And see for yourself where Hitler committed suicide and where the SS and Gestapo headquarters were located. An informative historical tour by bike through Berlin's city center awaits you. The tour starts directly at the Television Tower at Alexanderplatz in the eastern city center. If you are travelling with your own bikes, the tour may start at any other place in downtown Berlin.

Tour description

Adolf Hitler celebrated his victory in the 1933 Reichstag elections with long torchlight marches through the Brandenburg Gate. After taking power, they occupied the venerable palaces and planned gigantic new buildings, such as the Ministry of Propaganda or the Aviation Ministry. Millions of murders were planned in Wilhelmstraße and war raged all over Europe. Hitler himself had his Chancellery built nearby. At the beginning of 1945 he hid in the Berlin underground, commanded the "Battle of Berlin" from his bunker and finally committed suicide there.

And this is what you will see on this city tour:

Brandenburg Gate - witness of the turning points in German history
Memorial to the Sinti and Roma murdered under the Nazis
Soviet memorial - erected after the end of the Second World War
Straße des 17. Juni - Hitler's planned east-west axis for the "World Capital Germania"
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe – concrete field of stelae as a symbol of German responsibility for the Holocaust
Site of the former Führerbunker where Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun and the Goebbels family committed suicide
Wilhelmstraße – the government district under the Nazis
Former Ministry of Propaganda
Site of Hitler's Chancellery
Former Ministry of Aviation - symbol of the megalomania of the Nazis, 2000 offices, 7 kilometers of corridors
Former headquarters of Gestapo and SS - from here the persecution and murder of millions of people were organized

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