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Reichstag Berlin

district and Reichstag

Experience the capital of Germany with a visit to the government district and the glass dome of the Reichstag building

Visit the Reichstag dome
Government district with Reichstag building
Reichstag with glass dome

Reichstag with glass dome

City tour through the government district between the Brandenburg Gate and the German parliament, followed by a visit to the Reichstag dome with a great view of Berlin.

From € 9

Reichstag glass dome information

Reichstag with plenary hall

Guided walking tour through the  parliamentary and government district, a lecture in the plenary hall and a visit to dome. Tour in German only.

From € 9

Reichstag glass dome and restaurant

Reichstag with restaurant

After a guided tour through the government district, you will be welcomed in the restaurant on the roof terrace, followed by a visit of the glass dome.

From € 15


  • Bookings have to be made up to 7 - 14 days before the tour at the latest

  • These are private tours for your group without other participants

  • All participants must be registered with the parliament in advance with their last name, first name and date of birth.

Sightseeing Point Contact

If you have any questions or for an individual offer, we look forward to your call or message!

Sightseeing Berlin

Guided tours and visit to the glass dome of the Reichstag - a special experience ( year 2024 )

The government district in Berlin

Next to the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag is probably the most important landmark in Berlin. Any sightseeing tour in Berlin includes those attractions. The Reichstag building is now the seat of the German parliament and is located in the center of the newly built parliamentary and government district after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The accessible roof terrace with restaurant and glass dome has become a tourist magnet. Don't miss visiting the center of Berlin's political power and enjoying panoramic views of Berlin. All guided tours of the government district are along the new buildings with the MPs’ offices and the Federal Chancellery and a visit to the glass dome. You can choose whether you just want to visit the dome you would rather enjoy coffee and cake while looking out over Berlin from the restaurant with the best view you can imagine. Anyone who wants to visit the Reichstag must register as a visitor in advance, and we will help you with this.

Can you visit the Reichstag without a guided tour?

A visit to the Reichstag building is only possible with a guided tour or in conjunction with a lecture in the plenary hall. However, a visit to the Reichstag dome is possible without a guided tour - there are free audio guides available on site. In any case, every visitor must be registered in advance with their last name, first name and date of birth. You can visit the Reichstag as part of a guided tour of the government district, which is recommended for groups. Individual travelers can also register spontaneously on site, but must expect longer waiting times.

How much does a tour of the Reichstag cost?

Guided tours of the Reichstag building, lectures in the plenary hall of the German Bundestag, and a visit to the dome are free of charge. Please note, however, that all visitors must register in advance. Guided tours through the government district followed by a visit to the Reichstag are not free, but have the advantage of being led by a guide who can also answer your questions.

What can you see in the Reichstag?

What you see in the Reichstag depends on what you have registered for or booked. You will actually visit the German Bundestag in the Reichstag building. On a tour of the Reichstag building, you will see the press level, the parliamentary group rooms of the political parties represented in the Bundestag, the house chapel and much more - provided that visitors are allowed everywhere at the time of your visit. During a lecture in the plenary hall, you will sit in the visitors' gallery of the plenary hall and receive a competent lecture on how the parliament works. If you only visit the dome, you will have a magnificent view of Berlin, but no interior views of the actual Reichstag building. Detailed information on the history of the Reichstag building can be found on Wikipedia.

How to visit the Reichstag?

The easiest way is to have a guided tour of the government district followed by a visit to the glass dome of the Reichstag. In this case, you will take part in a guided tour of the parliamentary quarter with a guide and then be able to view the dome without waiting. Alternatively, you can also eat at the roof garden restaurant Käfer and then visit the dome.

Do you have to register for the Reichstag and the dome?

A visit is only possible with advance registration. To do so, register on the website of the German Bundestag. When you register, you must provide the last name, first name and date of birth of all participants. Registration for the dome is usually only possible at the beginning of the previous month at the earliest. If you would like to visit the Reichstag dome spontaneously, you can also register directly on site for the same day. Note that on some days of the year the dome is closed for maintenance - but the roof terrace can always be visited.

How much is the admission to the glass dome of the Reichstag building?

Entry to the Reichstag dome is free. However, you must register with the German parliament in advance.

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