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Stadtführungen in Potsdam

Guided tours in

Potsdam city tours

Discover Sanssouci Palace with its beautiful park and the old town with the Dutch Quarter

Potsdam guided tours
Potsdam tours
Potsdam walking tour

Potsdam walking tour

Guided tour through Potsdam's old town including the enchanting Dutch Quarter and through the park to Sanssouci Palace with the tomb of Frederick the Great.

From € 10

Potsdam city tour by bus

Potsdam city tour by bus

Look forward to a city tour through the city center of Potsdam and to the famous gardens and palaces. With a walk at Sanssouci Palace and Cecilienhof.

From € 23

Half day tour to Potsdam

Half day tour to Potsdam

Four-hour excursion from Berlin to Potsdam. Visit the magnificent castles and parks of the city, which is over 1000 years old. With a walk at Sanssouci Palace.

Group flat rate

Potsdam full day tour

Full day tour to Potsdam

Enjoy a wonderful day in Potsdam. The excursion by bus or minivan begins and ends in Berlin. If desired, we can also arrange an inside visit of Sanssouci Palace.

Group package

Sightseeing Point Kontakt

If you have any questions or for an individual offer, please call us or send us a message!

Sightseeing Potsdam

Guided tours in Potsdam - experience the city's parks and castles ( year 2024 )

Visit the city of Frederick the Great

Visit Potsdam with its over 1000-year history and its impressive palaces and parks! The highlight of every Potsdam tour is a visit to the park of Sanssouci Palace. The spacious park area includes not only Sanssouci Palace, which is located on top of a small hill with vineyard terraces, but also the much larger New Palace. In the park itself there are many small sculptures, but also larger buildings such as the Chinese Tea House. Another highlight is a visit to the Dutch Quarter. This quarter is part of Potsdam's inner city and the architecture of the houses makes you think you are in the Netherlands. We offer guided tours on foot through Potsdam's inner city and the park of Sanssouci Palace, but also trips to Potsdam by bus, which includes a visit to Cecilienhof Palace. The highlight of every Potsdam tour includes a visit to Sanssouci Palace with its park and vineyard terraces. Depending on the length of the tour booked, this can also include an interior visit to Sanssouci Palace.

What is there to see in the over 1000 year old city?

Palaces: Sanssouci Palace, New Palace, Charlottenhof Palace, Cecilienhof Palace

Parks: Park of Sanssouci Palace, New Garden

Historical buildings: Belvedere on the Pfingstberg, rebuilt city palace and today the seat of the Brandenburg state parliament

Also: Glienicke Bridge, Barberini Museum and St. Nicholas Church

And much, much more. Detailed information can be found on the Homepage of the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation

Why is Potsdam so beautiful?

The city is located in an area outside Berlin, which is characterized by small hills, lakes and waterways. This is why Prussian kings were interested in the city and a unique cultural landscape was created in this area, consisting of over 10 palaces and several parks. Historical quarters such as the Dutch Quarter, the biosphere reserve, as well as the Bornstedt Crown Estate and the old town with the rebuilt city palace make this over 1000 year old city something special. A visit to Potsdam is therefore a great idea in addition to your sightseeing program in Berlin.

Which tours are offered?

The best way to explore Potsdam is on a guided tour in a bus. But don't be mistaken: you don't sit on the bus the whole time. The bus tour offers the opportunity to explore the entire Potsdam city center and visit most of the castles. The true beauty of Potsdam only becomes apparent during the short stops and walks - especially through the park of Sanssouci Palace and around Cecilienhof Palace. If you want to see the most important things in Potsdam - but up close, book a guided walking tour.

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