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City tour of the highlights of Potsdam including a walk through the park of Sanssouci Palace.

Tour information

Visit Potsdam with its magnificent castles and parks! The 2-hour city tour of Potsdam also includes a walk through the famous park of Sanssouci Palace. Another photo stop is planned at Cecilienhof Castle. The city tour in Potsdam also takes you to the Dutch Quarter in Potsdam’s Old Town and to numerous other Prussian buildings, such as the Orangery Palace or the New Palace.

Tour description

Located southwest of Berlin and in between the water-rich Havel lakes, Potsdam looks back on more than 1000 years of history. In the 17th century, after the Great Elector decreed that “the whole Island shall be transformed into a paradise,” splendid castles and parks were built in the following centuries. We would like to introduce you to all this on our city tour through Potsdam and show you Potsdam’s baroque city center including the Dutch quarter in addition to the castles and parks.

On the city tour of Potsdam you will see:

Sanssouci Palace – Rococo jewel of Frederick the Great on the vineyard terraces
Cecilienhof Castle – last Hohenzollern Castle
Orangery Palace – the realization of the King’s Italian dreams
New Palace – the largest guest castle of Frederick II.
Drachenhaus – original residence of the winegrower
Belvedere – with a great view over the park
Steam engine house in the form of a small mosque
Historic city center with baroque buildings
Dutch Quarter – a Dutch gem in Prussia
Reconstructed city castle and Nicolai Church
the Russian colony Alexandrovka
During our tour, we will have a walk through the park of Sanssouci Palace overlooking the vineyard terraces and visit the grave of the legendary Prussian monarch Frederick the Great. Another walk is around Cecilienhof Castle.

If you are planning an interior visit of castles in Potsdam outside our tour, please note that the castles are closed on Mondays.

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