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Rallyes in Berlin

in Berlin

Rallies in Berlin offer

Combination of  a guided walking tour with a tour guide and a rally with exciting tasks to solve - the best team wins a price!

Berlin Rally
Rally for team events in Berlin
Berlin City Rally

City rally

Our city rallies are the perfect combination of an informative city tour with a guide and an entertaining and exciting rally through Berlin's city center.

From € 9

Berlin Wall Rally

Berlin Wall rally

Along the former Berlin Wall you will discover interesting details from the time when Berlin was divided and exciting tasks are waiting to be solved during the rally.

From € 9

Rally through the government district of Berlin

Rally of government district

This city rally takes you through the heart of the federal capital. Your guide will lead you through the government district while you solve exciting tasks together as a team. 

From € 9

Berlin Kreuzberg Rally

Kreuzberg rally

Kreuzberg is one of the most exciting districts in Berlin and our rally awaits you with exciting tasks that will be solved during the tour. The best team wins a trophy!

From € 9

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Sightseeing Berlin

Rallies in Berlin - great city tours with team tasks ( year 2024 )

Rallies in Berlin

Rallying through Berlin means sightseeing in a team with lots of fun! Ideal for school classes, company groups and all kinds of team events. Our guides will competently lead your group through Berlin. During the tour, however, you will be given tasks that you have to solve in teams. The fastest and smartest team will receive the most points and be crowned the winner at the end! This is perfect for anyone who would like to discover Berlin in an informative but also exciting and fun way and are looking for an alternative to the classic city tour. There are city rallies through various districts of Berlin and on various topics: e.g. through Kreuzberg, along the former Berlin Wall or through the parliamentary and government district.

What is a city rally?

There are different formats for city rallies in Berlin. For example, you can download an app that takes you along a specific route in Berlin and asks you questions along the way. Other providers have more complex concepts where tasks have to be solved in specially prepared locations in Berlin that you have to find. However, the most suitable team events are those that are specially prepared for the group and are also supervised by the organizer on site. At Sightseeing point This is a combination of a city tour with a city-guide and a rally where you solve tasks as a team. The fastest and smartest team wins the cup at the end.

How does a city rally work?

That depends on the format. Rallies that you download as an app onto your smartphone can be played alone or in pairs - you just need to find out in advance which part of Berlin the rally starts in. In city rallies that are personally supervised by the organizer on site, smaller teams are usually formed that compete against each other. There is usually a task booklet, often with a map, and the team that has solved the most tasks correctly is the winning team.

What is the difference between rally and scavenger hunt?

In rallies, tasks have to be solved on a specific route or in a specific area, although it doesn't necessarily have to be a specific order in which the tasks are solved - and whoever has solved the most tasks is the winner. In a scavenger hunt you have to find one place after another based on certain clues and tasks until you finally reach your destination. The first one to arrive wins. In practice, there are many formats that combine different aspects of city rallies and a scavenger hunt, so the two terms are often used in the same way.

Which rallies are offered in Berlin?

Sightseeing Point offers rallies to the most popular neighborhoods:

We would be happy to advise you!

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