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Tour information

Experience one of the most interesting districts in Berlin: the trendy Kreuzberg district! On the one hand, this multicultural district is characterized by its residents with different cultural backgrounds or alternative lifestyles. On the other hand, it is a hip nightlife district with countless bars, pubs and clubs. Your guide will introduce you to this lively district on this city tour. At the same time, you will also find surprising places and exciting answers to the tasks set during the tour.

Tour description

It starts with several small teams being formed. They compete against each other to find the fastest and best solutions and thus to obtain the most points. During the city tour there is always time to solve the tasks set. Good luck, because the team with the most points is the winning team at the end and receives a small trophy.

On this tour we will show you, among other things:

The Kreuzberg Museum
Trendy shops and cafés on Dresdener Straße
Oranienplatz and the former waterway through the district
Rio-Reiser-Platz – center of the long Kreuzberg nights
Oranienstrasse – the neighborhood mile with original shops, trendy bars and backyard culture
Street art large paintings on fire walls
Mosque and community center: the Mashari Center
...and many other exciting places.

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