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Informative rally through the parliament district in Berlin between the Brandenburg Gate and the German parliament.

Tour information

Discover the parliament and government district with an exciting combination of an informative city tour and an entertaining rally! On this tour you can see for yourself where politics is made in Berlin: in the Reichstag building - the seat of the German Bundestag, in the Chancellery, but also in the surrounding buildings where the offices of the members of parliament and one of the largest parliamentary libraries in the world are located. The fastest and smartest team will be declared the winner at the end!

Tour description

Our city guide will be happy to explain the course of the rally to you at the beginning and form small teams that will then solve tasks during the tour and compete against each other. The best team will be declared the winner at the end.

Anyone visiting the capital of Germany should also visit the quarter from which laws are made, and the country is governed. The tour begins at the Brandenburg Gate and takes us along several embassies and the representative office of the European Union in the capital and into the center of the government district. From there, we can look through the glass façade into the offices of the members of the German parliament, but also into the meeting rooms where the committees meet. Passing the Chancellery and the Swiss Embassy, ​​the tour finally ends directly at the imposing Reichstag building, which houses the seat of the German parliament.

On this tour you will see, among other things:

German parliament in the historic Reichstag building
The Federal Chancellery
American, French, British and Russian embassy
Representative office of the European Union in Berlin
Swiss Embassy
The Jakob-Kaiser-Haus – the largest new parliament building
The building of the Federal press conference
The Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Bridge between former East and West Berlin over the Spree river as a symbol of reunification
Modern parliament buildings: Paul-Löbe-Haus and Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus

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