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Walking tour through Potsdam including the Dutch Quarter and the park of Sanssouci Palace.

Tour information

Take a ride on the city train from Berlin to Potsdam where you will meet our guide to show you the city that was home to Prussian kings for many centuries. Whether it’s the old town with its Dutch Quarter and its picturesque houses and a host of tempting shop windows and restaurants, or Sanssouci Gardens with its palaces, fountains, the golden Chinese Tea House and the tomb of Prussia’s most famous king – the enchanting atmosphere of Potsdam will capture your imagination.

Tour description

Our guide will meet you at Potsdam Central Train Station, and you will get a first impression of the city as you cross the river Havel and enter the old town. See the reconstructed City Palace and the beautiful dome of St. Nicholas Church and stroll the streets of the Dutch Quarter with their typical brick houses. Take your time to have a small break in one of the atmospheric cafes and chat with your guide about the royal family of Prussia or the challenges of transforming the city after the downfall of the Communist regime. Passing through the Brandenburg Gate (yes, Potsdam has got one as well!), the gardens of Sanssouci await you. You will see why they are listed as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage and learn about the wits and philosophy of Frederick the Great who designed Sanssouci to be a “Prussian Versailles” and who insisted on being buried nearby his palace. The tour ends at the terraced vineyards of Sanssouci Palace.

During this tour you will see:

Alter Markt with the reconstructed City Palace, the magnificent church of St. Nicholas and the Old Town Hall
Neuer Markt with noble town houses
the Dutch Quarter, truly a gem with its shops and cafes
the historical city center with its houses in the Baroque style and an appealing pedestrian zone
Brandenburg Gate with a golden crown
Sanssouci Gardens with their beautiful walkways, decorative figures, rotundas and fountains
Postcard view of Sanssouci Palace on top of the terraced vineyards
Church of Peace in the Italian Style amidst the palace gardens
Tomb of Frederick the Great
After the tour you might want to take a rest in the restaurant of Krongut Bornstedt, to see Sanssouci Palace from the inside, continue walking through Sanssouci Gardens or to return to the old town with its interesting restaurants and cafes.

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