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Tour information

See for yourself where in the capital of Germany politics is being made! This informative city tour through the parliamentary and government district begins at the Brandenburg Gate and ends at the Reichstag building – seat of the German Parliament – with its impressing glass dome. During our tour we will see the Federal Chancellery, the building where the federal press conferences are being held and the parliamentary buildings with offices for the members of the parliament and meeting rooms for the parliamentary committees.

Tour description

After reunification of the divided Germany the government moved completely to Berlin and the new government district emerged. The centerpiece is the so-called “Federal Belt” with a symbolic bridge over the Spree and the former Wall boundary. Simultaneously, the old Reichstag building was extensively converted into the new seat of the German parliament, with a plenary hall and a publicly accessible high-tech glass dome. In addition to the impressive new buildings of the German parliament and the Federal Chancellery, we show you many politically relevant buildings and institutions such as ministries, media houses or embassies.

On this tour, you will see, among other things:

Reichstag Building – reflection of German history
Federal Chancellery – the building from which Germany is being ruled
Paris Square with the American and French Embassy
British and Russian Embassy
Representation of the European Parliament in Berlin
Parliament building with offices for the members of the parliament
Federal Press Conference – expression of the fourth power in the state
Federal Ministry of Education and Research
“Federal Belt” over former Wall border – symbol of the reunification
White crosses commemorating the victims of the Wall

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