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Tour information

Anyone who is in the capital should definitely visit the place where politics is made: the plenary hall of the German Bundestag. First we take you through the parliamentary and government district past the EU representative office, the ARD capital studio and the Bundestag offices. Afterwards you will visit the Reichstag building where you will receive a lot of interesting background information about the work of the German Bundestag during a lecture in the plenary hall. Afterwards, enjoy the view from the roof terrace of the Reichstag of the Federal Chancellery and Berlin city center from above before you can go up the Reichstag dome.

Tour description

On this tour we will show you the most important places in the parliamentary and government district. The move of the government and parliament to Berlin has had such a strong impact on politics that many people speak of the "Berlin Republic". But politics has also shaped Berlin: thousands of federal employees work in the city. We will show you where decisions are made in ministries, in the Chancellery or in the meeting rooms of the Paul Löbe House. The heart of the parliamentary and government district is the German Bundestag in the Reichstag building, in whose magnificent building German history has been written since 1894. We will guide you through the parliamentary and government district, you will receive an informative lecture on the tasks and working methods of the German Bundestag in the plenary hall and then visit the dome of the Bundestag with a unique view of the city's sights.

On this tour you will see, among other things:

Representation of the European Commission in Germany
ARD capital studio – a few meters from the Bundestag
Members' offices in the Jakob Kaiser House – with glass bridges at dizzying heights
Parliamentary library in the Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders House – spectacular stairs and insights
former Reichstag presidential palace - with what is now the most exclusive club in the capital
Paul Löbe House with meeting rooms – the “engine of the republic”
White crosses commemorating deaths on the Spree during divided Berlin
View of the Federal Chancellery

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