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Walking tour through the government district of Berlin followed by a visit to the Reichstag dome.

Tour information

One of the most popular Berlin tours: the tour through the government district including a visit of the glass dome on top of the Reichstag building: a must for every Berlin visitor! Discover with us the Berlin parliament and government district with a visit of the Reichstag building afterwards. On this walking tour through the government district we will take you to the representation of the European Union in Berlin, to the offices of the members of the parliament, to the third-largest parliament library building in the world and to the federal chancellery. Afterwards, you can visit the roof terrace and dome of the German parliament with a fascinating view over Berlin.

Tour description

The tour begins at the Brandenburg Gate, where once Berlin was divided by the Wall in East and West. Since reunification, the government district has grown along the Spree as the new political center of the capital of Berlin. Our tour takes you along parliament buildings which have been built where once the death strip symbolized the reunification of the once divided country. Afterwards, you will visit the glass dome on the Reichstag building from which you have a fantastic view over Berlin

On our guided tour of Berlin you will see:

Jakob-Kaiser-Haus – workplace for members of the parliament and their staff
Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus – with the third-largest parliamentary library in the world
Parliamentary Society – popular meeting place for formal and informal political talks
Wall Memorial and White Crosses Memorial on the Spree river – memory of tragic escape attempts
Members offices and meeting rooms in the Paul-Löbe-Haus
Kindergarten for the children of the members and staff of the parliament
Swiss embassy – the only foreign representation in the government district
Federal Chancellery – office of the German chancellor

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