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Tour information

Visit Kreuzberg with us! Known for its alternative lifestyles and multi-cultural vibe. Our guided tour takes you to the beating heart of this legendary neighborhood. But we will also show you a bit of everyday life in Berlin and the hip Kreuzberg of today and explain to you during this city tour the connections between backyard romance, dropouts, squatting and May Day riots. And if you're in Kreuzberg, you shouldn't miss the Turkish specialties either: after the tour visit the well-known and upscale Turkish specialty restaurant Hasir, where we're happy to make reservations for you. Link to restaurant >

Tour description

Kreuzberg became notorious through the alternative squatter scene in the 1980s, as the scene of the May 1st street riots and last but not least as a colorful multi-cultural neighborhood. Since Kreuzberg moved from the outskirts to a central city location with the fall of the Berlin Wall, rents have risen and with it the attractiveness of the district. Nevertheless, the neighborhood has remained a place for alternative lifestyles and a variety of nations and cultures, while today the large backyards of the former working-class district have become the preferred address for many start-up companies.

On this city tour you will see, among other things:

Ton Steine ​​Scherben-Garten and Wagendorf for dropouts
"Tree house" on the former wall
Dresdener Strasse, Kiezstrasse with trendy shops and cafés
Oranienplatz and former waterway
Angel basin, restored jewel and water basin in the former wall strip
Thomaskirche - impressive building on Mariannenplatz
Künstlerhaus Bethanien in the former hospital complex, with Fontane pharmacy
"Schokofabrik" and women's power
Heinrichplatz – epicenter of the long Kreuzberg nights
Oranienstraße - the heart of the neighborhood with trendy pubs, backyards and original shops
Street art large paintings on firewalls
Mashari Center - Community Center and Mosque

Short-term requests and the end point can also be discussed with your tour guide on site.

Gladly with reservation afterwards in the restaurant Hasir. Gastronomy is not part of our services and therefore not included in the price.

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