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1-hour river cruise in Berlin

Spree cruise in Berlin

For anyone who wants to see a lot of Berlin from the waterside in a short time, this boat trip through Berlin's city center is just right! Enjoy a view of the famous Museum Island, the Reichstag, the Federal Chancellery and Berlin's oldest district: the enchanting Nikolaiviertel. During the trip you will hear interesting and entertaining stories and you can get your favorite drink at the bar.


Duration: 1 hour

Landing stage: Friedrichstraße Google Maps >

Travel times: March to November

Languages: German, audio guides in foreign languages available

Price: Regular price € 21.90

Children (6-13 years) 50% discount, infants (1-5 years) free


  • Museum Island

  • Humboldt Forum

  • Nicolai Quarter

  • Television tower

  • Berlin Cathedral

  • Government District

  • Central Station

  • Chancellery


Check departure times * Book online * Cancel free of charge up to 24 hours in advance

For groups of 10 or more

Personal advice * Catering (coffee set and plate dishes) with table reservation

* alternative departure times and departure points * Please let us know your wishes


A Spree cruise through the heart of Berlin offers a unique opportunity to experience Germany's capital from a very special perspective. In just one hour, Berlin's rich history and impressive architecture unfold before passengers' eyes as they glide leisurely along the water. Highlights of such a tour include unforgettable views of Museum Island, the Reichstag and the Nicolai Quarter - three of the city's most iconic sights.

A jewel in the middle of the Spree and a UNESCO World Heritage Site is the Museum Island - the cultural heart of Berlin. This island, which can be admired during the Spree cruise, is home to some of the world's most important museums, including the Pergamon Museum and the Old National Gallery. These museums house priceless works of art and artifacts spanning thousands of years of human history. A Spree cruise provides the perfect setting to view the splendor of the Museum Island from a unique perspective.

Not far from there stands the Reichstag, the German parliament building, whose glass dome dominates the Berlin skyline. The Spree cruise along this historic landmark allows passengers to catch a glimpse of the impressive architecture and the symbolic glass dome that stands for transparency and openness in German politics. Having witnessed significant events in German history, the Reichstag is a must-see for any visitor to Berlin.

The Nicolai Quarter, often referred to as the cradle of Berlin, offers a charming contrast to the monumental buildings of the Museum Island and the Reichstag. This picturesque district, which can be seen on the Spree cruise through Berlin, conveys a sense of Berlin's medieval history with its narrow streets and historic buildings. The Nicolai Quarter is a living testimony to the city's long and diverse history.

A Spree cruise through Berlin is not only a pleasant and relaxing way to explore the city, but also an informative journey through time. From ancient times to the Middle Ages and the modern era, every sight along the river tells its own story that is worth discovering. Whether you are a tourist or a local, such a cruise offers unforgettable impressions and deep insights into the heart of Berlin.

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