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Walking tour through Kreuzberg - Berlin's most famous trendy district.

Tour information

Visit Kreuzberg with us – a district known for its alternative living concepts and its multicultural atmosphere. When Berlin was divided by the Wall this district was at the very end of West-Berlin, with old buildings and with an increasingly insecure neighborhood. After the fall of the Wall, though, this district was back in the middle of the city and a unique urban life developed. Our guided tour takes you to the vibrant heart of this legendary quarter and will show you a piece of everyday life in Berlin.

Tour description

Kreuzberg became famous for its scene of alternative lifestyles in the 1980s, riots on the Worker's Day every year on May 1st, but also for a colorful multicultural neighborhood. Since Kreuzberg moved from the outskirts of the divided Berlin to the center of the city after the fall of the Wall the former alternative scene mixes with a new neighborhood of wealthy, young people who prefer a lively, urban lifestyle and enjoy the variety of nations and cultures living in this district. Besides, the large backyards of factories have been renovated and became the preferred address of many start-up companies.

On this guided tour you will see:

The former death strip
Dresdner Strasse, neighborhood with trendy shops and cafés
Oranienplatz and former waterway
Thomaskirche – impressive church on Mariannenplatz
Artist center Bethanien in a former hospital complex
“Chocolate Factory” run by women
Heinrichplatz – epicenter of the long Kreuzberg nights
Oranienstrasse – centerpiece in the neighborhood with trendy pubs, backyards and fancy shops
Street Art – large painting on firewalls
Mashari Center – community center and Mosque

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