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City tour of Berlin's political institutions between the Bundestag and the Bundesrat.

Tour information

Where is politics being made in the capital of Germany? On this tour, we will visit the most important political institutions and give you an insight of the political process. The tour focuses not only on the parliament district with the Reichstag building – seat of the German parliament. We will also visit the representations of the states of Germany, ministries and several embassies – such as the French, American and British Embassy.

Tour description

The political heart beats in Berlin’s government district, where our city tour begins. Media companies, ministries and lobbying associations have settled down around the German parliament and the Chancellery. On the tour you will get fascinating insights into the political life. An international flair exudes the Pariser Platz at the Brandenburg Gate with its many embassies: the US, France, Great Britain, Russia, Hungary and the European Union have their diplomatic missions in the neighborhood of the government district. And state guests stay in the legendary Hotel Adlon – the most exclusive hotel in town. Until the war, the government district of the Third Reich was close by in the street Wilhelmstrasse which we will also visit. Today, ministries have moved into some of the old palaces. The city tour ends in the lively Leipziger Strasse in front of the magnificent former Prussian mansion, which today is the seat of the Federal Council.

Among other sights, you will see:

Reichstag building – witness of German history and center of the Berlin Republic
Reichstag Presidential Palace – seat of the Parliamentary Society
Members offices in the Jakob-Kaiser-Haus – more than 2,000 offices for employees of all political groups
Parliamentary Library in the Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders Haus, the third-largest parliamentary library in the world
American, French, British and Hungarian Embassy
Representation of the European Commission in Germany and Information Office of the European Parliament
Representatives of seven federal states
Ministry of Agriculture and Consumer Protection in an old palace with modern extension
Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in the former Propaganda Ministry of Joseph Goebbels
Federal Council – the second chamber of the German Parliament

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