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City tour by bus of Berlin's political institutions including a walk through the the government district.

Tour information

The German Parliament, ministries, Federal Chancellery, headquarters of political parties… – we will bring you to those places in Berlin, where politics is being made. Get a solid overview of the political institutions with lots of background information. The tour is combined with a walk through the government district and if you wish we will help you in registering for a visit of the German Parliament and its impressive glass dome after the tour.

Tour description

After the controversial debate it was decided in 1991 that Berlin becomes the capital of the reunified Germany. The new seat of the German parliament is the old Reichstag building, rebuilt by star architect Norman Foster and supplemented with the publicly accessible, high-tech glass dome – a symbol of the triumph of democracy. Get in-depth information about our political system on this “political” tour, see the locations of political institutions as well as places of political associations and lobby groups.

During this tour you will see:

the modern building of the Federal Chancellery
the Federal Press Conference Center and the library of the parliament
buildings with the offices of the members of the parliament
the seat of the German Federal President in the Bellevue Palace
federal ministries in modern new buildings or reconstructed, historic buildings
embassy district with some spectacular buildings
British, American, French and Russian Embassy around the Brandenburg Gate
representation of the European Union in Berlin
government districts of earlier epochs: castle of the emperor, seat of the head of the GDR, place of Hitler’s chancellery
headquarter of political parties
Town Hall of Berlin

During the tour we will stop for a walk through the government district around the Reichstag building. 

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