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Tour information

Enjoy the atmosphere of Berlin in the evening on a tour through the eastern and western city center. The city tour takes you along the illuminated boulevards of the city – including the shopping boulevard Kurfürstendamm and the historical boulevard Unter den Linden. During the tour, there will be a stop and short walk through the Brandenburg Gate.

Tour description

Enjoy the evening atmosphere of Berlin and drive with us through the eastern and western Berlin city center along numerous illuminated buildings and boulevards. Let the day fade out pleasantly with this tour, which may end at a restaurant of your choice.

See, among other things:

Shopping mile Kurfürstendamm
City West with Germany’s biggest department store
Unter den Linden with its historical buildings
Potsdamer Platz with its illuminated skyscrapers
German parliament with its illuminated glass dome
and much more
During the tour there will be a stop with a short walk. For example, at the illuminated Brandenburg Gate or a walk at Potsdamer Square and the illuminated roof construction of the Sony Center.

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